BODi Founder Laura-Jane Shares Her Story

Throughout my life I have experimented with countless diets and workout plans to achieve and maintain my figure. The problem was I could stick to these plans for a while, then before long I would fall back into my old ways. 

The food was boring, it took ages to prepare, and was very expensive. The shakes I tried contained a lot of nasty preservatives that messed with my skin. All up the diets would leave me feeling incredibly hungry and it was only a matter of time before my willpower gave out and I’d binge on a whole lot of pizza! 

I found the workout plans even worse… I had to exercise intensely for 45 minutes to an hour several times a week, leaving me exhausted and lacking energy.  On top of that as I worked full-time my only options were to get up at 5:30am to exercise or go to the gym after a looong day at work… Both bad options! 

Ultimately I could not see myself having lasting success with any diet or workout system that was available. I couldn’t imagine exercising for hours per week until I collapsed and I certainly couldn’t live without the occasional indulgence! I wanted lasting success while still being able to live my life. None of the diets or workout plans I had tried could give me this. 

As there was nothing out there that would work for me I decided to do my own research. I began reading into the science behind weight loss and found that much of what I had been taught was wrong! Up until now I thought it was important to eat a big breakfast, keep my fat intake low, avoid carbs at night and exercise like crazy, but my new findings questioned all of this.

Instead, I discovered that by eating certain macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates) at specific times of the day I would force my body to burn fat for fuel while also keeping myself feeling full. I also found that by cycling my calorie intake, allowing me to eat the way I want most of the time, I would be much more likely to stick to my new diet.

Excited by my findings, I consulted with two of my good friends, a dietitian and a scientist, to help me create a program based off my conclusions. After a lot of back and forth we decided a meal replacement shake which I would consume for breakfast, lunch and dinner 2-3 days per week was the best solution as it was the most convenient way to get our mix of ingredients just right!

Once we had formulated my meal replacement the big day arrived. As planned I drank my shake for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Surprisingly I didn’t feel hungry at all, in fact I didn’t really think about food the whole day! The next morning I jumped out of bed and found that I had lost quite a bit of weight and that I was waaay more toned. In fact, I found the effects to be so strong that I could continue to enjoy my treat foods without undoing the effects. I had found a sustainable way to lose weight!

The days that I would have my shakes I called my ‘body days’ as I was working on my body, which is how the name BODi came to be!

After my initial success my friends (and even my boyfriend!) started asking me if BODi would work for them. I sent out some packets filled with my formula and was not surprised when they started asking for more! Although my friends had different body goals; some wanted to lose large amounts of weight, others wanted to reduce bloating and tone up, all were seeing fantastic results! Some decided to have a few snacks throughout the day, but some actually said that they were too full to finish the dinner shake!

Initially I used BODi three times a week to reach my goal weight. Now I use BODi once a week in conjunction with my quick workout routine to maintain my figure. I look forward to my BODi days each week and it feels so good to not stress about what I’m eating all of the time! Now, because of BODi, I get to treat myself to pizza and ice cream every Friday night guilt-free!