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Eat the foods you love and still get the body you want...
You know that feeling when you start a new diet, and you're really excited knowing this is the one that's going to change your life!

And for the first few days you’re like a clean eating, treadmill pounding superwoman!

Then maybe there is a birthday at work... And Sharon offers you a slice of chocolate cake (your favourite!)... And you say yes, because one slice won’t hurt...

Then you eat it and feel so guilty that you eat another slice, and another until you’re like “YOLO diets are for suckers!”?
I know this story all too well. Actually, my story involves my boyfriend and pizza but close enough!

I’ve found through much trial and error (mainly error) that the problem with most conventional diets is that they require you to eat disciplined all the time, like 24/7!

However, this really isn’t practical, and also isn’t the way to live a happy life.

Instead, I believe that taking a balanced approach is the best way to get the figure you want while still enjoying life!

This is why I created BODi - a Meal Replacement that you drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner 1-3 days per week, while snacking from a 'suggested foods' list. On the other days of the week you continue with your normal diet (yep, Sharon's chocolate cake and all!).

In doing this you won’t feel guilty when you have the occasional treat and hence won’t get sucked into a spiral of guilt driven eating.

Now I could also also tell you about how BODi is the only sugar-free meal replacement in Australia, or how our mix of macronutrients increases fat burning, the feeling of fullness and energy levels, but personally I think that’s all details...

Laura-Jane Corker
BODi Founder
Throughout my life I have experimented with countless diets and workout plans to achieve and maintain a healthy figure. The problem was I could stick to these plans for a while, then before long I would fall back into my old ways...
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