Incidental Exercise Ideas: Work Out Without Trying

When life gets busy, it can be hard to prioritise getting to the gym however there are ways to fit exercise into your daily routine without even trying! This is known as incidental exercise and can be a massive help in boosting your energy levels and keeping the weight off! Here are some of our favourite ways to incorporate incidental exercise into your day without having to spend hours in the gym!


1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator 


2. Do squats or wall sits during TV ad breaks


3. Carry a basket instead of a trolley when shopping


4. Maintain your posture throughout the day to strengthen your core


5. Use a standing desk at work if possible


6. Speed up when walking around


7. Stand on public transport, and get off a stop earlier


8. Park further away and walk to your destination


9. Walk your dog 10 minutes longer than usual


10. Get your morning coffee from a cafe that is further away than your regular