Brown Vs White Sugar: Is One Really Better For You?

If you’ve ever been momentarily panicked while deciding which sachet of sugar to grab when picking up your takeaway coffee, or figuring out which is the better option to use when baking delicious treats, you're not alone!

While refined sugar-free alternatives are generally the better option (ie. honey or agave syrup), that’s not always too practical. While it may seem to be the case that brown sugar is better for you due to looking, and tasting, more natural, as it turns out that’s not entirely the case!

We did a bit of digging and in fact, while brown sugar contains slightly more minerals and a few less calories per serve, it is pretty much on par with white sugar after all. Both kinds originate from the same sugarcane plant, with the difference being that brown sugar is mixed with molasses which enhances the nutritional value of calcium, iron and potassium ever so slightly. However, to actually reap these nutritional benefits, you'd have to be consuming far more than is considered a healthy amount of sugar! You may be better off getting vitamin supplements if extra nutrients is what you are after.

Essentially, refined sugar in all it's forms are practically equal in calories and nutritional value and is always a delicious treat to have as part of a balanced diet!