What Makes BODi Different To The Rest?

Did you know that not all ‘meal replacements’ are created equal!?

BODi meets the strict criteria set out by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand regulatory body to be classified as a ‘formulated meal replacement’. If you see a product for sale that is not classified as a formulated meal replacement then it could contain anything 😳… and it certainly doesn’t contain high amounts of protein, vitamins and minerals - important for effective weight loss!

BODi meal replacements have been scientifically formulated to be a perfect substitute for your meals, while ALSO remaining CARB-FREE, SUGAR-FREE and LOW FODMAP! In place of carbs, which generally slow down your body’s natural fat burning processes, BODi shakes are packed full of proteins and healthy fats which not only keep you full but boost fat loss!

There isn’t another carb-free formulated meal replacement on the market in Australia! In fact you’d probably be disappointed to see just how much sugar is in other popular alternatives, with some containing up to 6 teaspoons of sugar per serve! 🤢

The ingredients in BODi meal replacements also set them apart from the competition. They contain high quality proteins, 17 vitamins and minerals, MCT’s for increased fat burning, as well as peanut oil and macadamia oil. Our nut oils are full of antioxidants that improve overall health, may reduce the risk of some serious diseases and cancer, and reduce the physical signs of ageing (get in me!) These oils also improve hair and nail strength and shine, so with BODi you’ll feel great from the inside-out! 💃🏻