What Is Inflammation And How Can You Reduce It?

If you've noticed that you've been feeling sluggish, achy or experiencing chronic headaches and other flu-like symptoms without actually getting sick, this may actually be due to inflammation in your body!

You may have heard about various health and wellness products and ingredients with anti-inflammatory benefits, including our NOURISH: Organic Revitalising Greens. So what exactly does it mean to have inflammation in your body, and what can you do to reduce it?

Essentially, inflammation is your body working to protect itself from illness or injury by increasing the production of white blood cells. While this is effective in deterring sickness, occurring chronically when there are no bad cells to fight off it may actually cause more harm than good!

With chronic inflammation, you may experience aches and pains, swelling, headaches, and in some cases can cause more serious conditions such as cancers, arthritis and heart disease. 

Luckily, inflammation can be avoided simply through making small alterations to your diet, such as reducing refined sugar intake, cutting down on refined carbs such as white bread, and reducing saturated fats and alcohol. You can also minimise inflammation by increasing the amount of anti-inflammatory foods you consume such as green leafy vegetables, fatty fish, nuts and berries. It's also a good idea to supplement your diet with multi-vitamins or green juices to enhance your body's anti-inflammatory properties to keep you feeling your best!