What Causes Those Sugar Cravings and How Can You Reduce Them

We all love the occasional sweet treat, whether it's a 3pm sweet snack at work or a few pieces of chocolate after dinner. However, if you're finding yourself reaching for the lollies or sweets between every meal it can become the fastest way to derail your diet! So what exactly are sugar cravings and what can you do to avoid them?

There are many causes for sugar cravings, such as low blood sugar resulting in a lack of energy, high stress levels, hormonal changes and lowered serotonin. As glucose is primarily use to fuel the brain, when experiencing these symptoms, you may start to crave sugar to boost your energy. A diet lacking in certain vitamin and minerals such as magnesium and chromium may also cause you to crave a sugar hit as a substitute for those nutrients. 

While some sugar is essential for energising the body, when consuming an excess of sugar it will end up being stored in the body, ultimately converting into unwanted fat.

In order to overcome sugar cravings, it's important to firstly eat a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals, such as leafy greens and healthy fats. You should also try to avoid boosting your energy with snacks high in processed and refined sugars, instead opting for whole fresh fruit which are high in fructose, a healthy sugar, as well as extra vitamins and fibre. 

It is believed that cravings only last between 3-5 minutes, so next time you're craving a sweet treat, try occupying yourself or sipping on a tea or coffee instead and you may find that the craving will go away on it's own!


Image Source: @KourtneyKardash