Summer is in full swing and I can think of no better way to enjoy this time of year than heading to the beach with a towel and a book to relaaxxx! ☀️️ However, all of that sun and heat can come at a price. Sun damage is the main cause of premature ageing. Wrinkles, dark spots and dry skin are all results of sun exposure! Throw in shaving, swimming and bug repellents and you’ve got a recipe for skin disaster. If you want to get through to winter with soft, hydrated skin follow these tips!

1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise - Heat, sun and swimming strips moisture from your skin. Invest in a good moisturiser and make it a habit to apply it twice a day.

2. Pick your sun time right - The UV is generally the strongest between 11am and 4pm so try and stay out of the sun during these times. The longer you are outside the longer your skin is exposed to radiation. Check out which tells you what the UV level is throughout the day!☀️️

3. Rinse after swimming - This is particularly important if you have been swimming in chlorine.

4. Stay hydrated - Nourish your skin with moisture from the inside out. If you are dehydrated, then your skin is dehydrated. Simple.

5. Shave right! Dry shaving or shaving with just water results in small cuts on the surface of your skin. Make sure to use a shaving oil or cream to keep your legs nick-free!

6. Carry SPF15+ lip balm in your handbag! Don’t forget your lips… often neglected they can also burn!

7. Wear sunscreen! Choose one that is right for your skin. If you have oily skin that is prone to breakouts you may want to buy a light oil-free sunscreen. I like to use a SPF30+ BB cream during the summer months as it’s lighter than foundation and means I don’t have to apply sunscreen to my face.


Happy ‘Glowing’ Summer ☀️️