Scientists Find Low-Calorie Liquid Diets Excellent For Weight Loss

Given the huge amount of time that scientists spend researching the most effective methods for weight loss, it’s important to keep up to date with the most recent findings! This is a quick summary of a recently published paper that studied the effectiveness of low-calorie liquid (e.g. shake) diets such as BODi.

The research from Oxford University showed that study participants who followed a liquid/shake diet of 810 calories per day lost over 12% of their body weight in fewer than 4 months! The study also compared this program for weight loss with a typical GP’s practice weight management program and found that the low-calorie shake diet showed significantly better results.

The research also followed the journeys of the participants after their initial weight loss and scientists found that after one year 69% of the participants had kept the weight off when either using liquid meal replacements daily or occasionally! These people were also less likely to develop heart disease or have a stroke, and almost half of those with type 2 diabetes who followed this diet were in remission after a year! All participants with knee osteoarthritis also found the diet eased their joint pain.

These results are quite astounding and suggest that a low-calorie liquid diet is superior for rapid weight loss and should also be included in a person’s ongoing diet to help keep the weight off. This diet is also suitable for most people except those taking certain medications or suffering from some medical conditions.

BODi Meal Replacements (containing 740 calories per day without the BODi suggested snacks) fit perfectly with this advice. It is recommended that BODi meal replacements are used 1-3 days per week for rapid weight loss and then 1-2 days per week for weight maintenance or convenience. (BODi Breakfast when used every day or occasionally is also an excellent alternative when trying to dramatically reduce calorie intake).