Pre And Post Workout Shakes Explained

I'm sure you've heard all about workout supplements, particularly pre and post workout shakes, but what do they actually do? How do you know if they are right for you? And why should you choose BODi? Keep reading to find out how to improve your energy and focus during a workout and increase your fat burn when you walk out of the gym!

Both BODi Pre Workout and BODi Post Workout are very different to other products on the market. While other products are packed full of carbs (often cheap sugars), BODi Pre & Post Workout are ultra-low carb, which has been scientifically shown to increase focus and strength during a workout and also greatly increase post workout fat-burning! (Not to mention the improvements to physical and mental health achieved by consuming a diet low in sugar). Both products have been expertly formulated with optimum high-quality ingredients to improve your workouts and their results! They can be used on their own or together. 

The low-carb recipe for BODi Pre Workout ensures your CNS (central nervous system) is primed and ready for exercise. This means you will feel stronger during your workouts and more focused. A low-carb shake also means low insulin levels, translating to higher fat-burning during your workout. The reduced calories in a BODi Pre Workout shake also keeps your blood away from your digestive system and in your muscles instead! And while the shake may be low-carb, it’s packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals, and MCT’s (medium-chain triglycerides). The protein, vitamins and minerals ensure you maximise muscle growth and recovery, while the MCT’s contain an immediate source of energy and can also increase the fat-burning effects of your exercise! The final ingredient in BODi Pre Workout is a small serving of caffeine that ensures your CNS is activated and you make the most of each and every workout!

BODi Post Workout also deliberately contains no carbs to extend the natural post-exercise fat-burning effect! Similarly to BODi Pre Workout it contains MCT’s to maximise muscle growth and recovery and, as you’d expect, it is full of protein, vitamins and minerals to ensure rapid recovery. There are two types of protein in BODi Post Workout; WPI and casein. WPI as a fast-absorbing protein is ideal as it is broken down and rushed to your muscles quickly, and casein, which is slow-absorbing, maximises muscle growth over the following 24 hours.  BODi Post Workout also contains an added 3g of BCAA’s per shake!! BCAA’s are specific amino acids that have been shown to be very effective at triggering muscle growth. BODi Post Workout contains a LOT of BCAA’s compared to other products on the market, further differentiating it from the competition.

We hope you enjoy the BODi Sport range as much as you enjoy BODi Meal Replacements and BODi Breakfast, and we look forward to seeing you kick your gym goals!