Lauren's BODi Story

Lauren, 33

Vice: Bread & Pasta 😋🍞🍝

How did you first hear about BODi? Instagram 📱

What made you choose BODi? I loved the easy to use packaging and quick results, whilst being full of all the good stuff your body needs without the sugar! 🚫🍭

What do you love most about BODi? The”flat-tummy feel” I get after just one day and all my squishy areas disappear! 💁‍♀️

How much weight have you lost using BODi? 5-6kg. 😱👏

What BODi products do you use? I use BODi Meal Replacements 2 to 3 times per week every few months to get on track and then 1 day per week to maintain my weight. 

Have you tried other weight loss products? Yes I’ve tried a few competitors but none make me feel the results as much and as quickly as BODi! 💃

Would you recommend BODi to your friends and family? I recommend BODi to anyone and everyone wanting to feel more confident. 100%! 💃💃


BODi meal replacements for rapid weight loss and reduced bloating