Kickstart Your Day With This Morning Routine

Busy days filled with work, study, family and other life commitments can be overwhelming, and can quickly make you forget to take time for yourself! That's why it's so important to prioritise setting a healthy morning routine to ensure you start your day with a positive mindset, so you can be the most energised, productive and happiest version of yourself! Here are our five favourite morning rituals to easily add into your routine:


1. Wake up early with natural light

With summer finally approaching, those cold, dark mornings are finally behind us! This means that you can ditch the alarm clock, open up your curtains and wake up naturally with the sun. This will allow you to wake up much more refreshed than to the sound of a buzzing alarm clock!


2. Get out of bed straight away

It can be all too tempting to reach for your phone and scroll Instagram first thing in the morning. Try to avoid this and instead, jump out of bed straight away and grab a coffee, then you can treat yourself to a bit of social media scrolling!


3. Break a sweat first thing

Once you're successfully awake, throw on your activewear straight away (tip: lay them out the night before to avoid the hassle of trying to find clean clothes!). Getting into your favourite set first thing will set you up to feel motivated to break a bit of a sweat. Whether this means going to an early gym class or just taking your dog for a walk around the block, getting your heart rate up will give you a much needed energy boost for the day ahead!


4. Do something good for your health 

Set up your good habits for the rest of the day by starting your morning off with a healthy boost, whether that be getting your daily vitamins in with a green juice, or spending 10 minutes meditating. Adding just one thing per day will get you into the habit of prioritising your health in the long run!


5. Set goals for the day

Setting your intentions for the day is the best way to feel productive and motivated for the day ahead! Whether it be setting goals for work, or simply deciding to make a healthy dinner instead of ordering Uber Eats, setting even the smallest goals can set you on the right path for the rest of the day!