Kickstart Your BODi Goals With These Three Tips

With our November Challenge around the corner, our main goal is to help you look and feel your best from the inside out, be it by losing a few kilos, toning up, or just improving your overall health! Reaching your goals is not always about making drastic changes, it can be about making small, incremental changes day-to-day that over time will become second nature! Here are our top three ways to kick start your healthy lifestyle:


Focus on your mindset

One of the most important aspects to leading a healthy lifestyle is to prioritise having a healthy mindset and attitude towards not only your health, but also every day life. In order to do this, it's so important to set aside time each day where you put away your phone and instead focus on meditating, reading a good book, writing down your intentions for the day, or treating yourself to a good face mask. By setting aside time to focus on your mental health and a positive mindset, this will translate into all over health and happiness!


Focus on your food

Achieving your weight loss goals is 80% diet, and we find that restricting your diet too much can actually do more harm than good! Taking an all or nothing approach to dieting can cause you to easily fall back into bad habits if you have one "cheat meal" making you think you've ruined your diet all together. Instead of this approach, we believe that having a balanced, healthy diet is the best way to achieving your health and weight loss goals, and making a few simple healthy swaps to your diet can make a huge difference in the long run! Check out our favourite easy swaps here


Focus on your fitness

Finally, incorporating a few weekly sweat sessions into your routine can play a big role in improving both your physical and mental health. It can be anything from taking your dog for a walk or going to a HIIT session at the gym, whatever you find most enjoyable and are able to stick to long term! Start by adding one 10 minute session of exercise to your week, and you may even start to notice yourself looking forward to it in no time! Check out some of our favourite workouts that are actually fun here