Is Himalayan Salt Actually Better For You?

In this blog post, we’ll be busting a highly coveted health and wellness trend that has been circulating as of late: the magical health benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt.

With sources claiming that it has such health benefits as promoting weight loss, reducing the effects of ageing and preventing low blood pressure, it has been used in both table salt and salt lamp forms. The lamp is said to improve air quality, help you sleep and enhance your mood, however despite numerous studies, all of these claims remain scientifically unproven.

While pink salt contains approximately 84 minerals, it turns out that an average serving only contains 2% of these (the other 98% is sodium chloride, just like regular salt). To actually reap the benefits of these minerals, we would have to consume a hugely unhealthy amount of salt, which let's face it, would cancel out the benefits of the minerals to begin with.


Considering this, it's safe to say that while consuming Himalayan Pink Salt isn't actually any better for you, it's worth it just for it's pretty pink colour!