How To Stay On Track Over The Festive Season

Each year it seems that the Christmas period creeps up quicker and quicker, and with end of year work, school and family parties starting already, it can be all too easy to lose track of your healthy diet and exercise habits! In preparation for the Christmas parties, drinks and barbecues to come, here are our top tips for keeping on track with your health and fitness goals! 


1. Eat a healthy meal before heading out to the party to avoid overeating all those canapés

2. Switch out your beer or sugary cocktail for one of these low-calorie drinks

3. Avoid snacking on leftovers or chocolates and lollies in between parties, save these specially for your events!

4. Bring a healthy dish to the party - such as this delicious, low-carb cheesy cauliflower bake!

5. Try swapping out the trifle or pavlova for one of these guilt-free sweets

6. Avoid over-drinking (drinks count as calories too!) and the inevitable hangover by drinking a glass of water in between drinks - and if the hangover does come, try one of these healthy hangover cures instead of that greasy pizza!

7. Eat more mindfully at dinners - chewing your food slower can help you to feel fuller quicker, aids in digestion and will allow you to enjoy and savour the food you're eating!

8. Try to maintain your portion control by avoiding going back for seconds

9. Find a balance between enjoying the festive season and indulging in delicious food and drinks, while also getting back on track afterwards to have an all round healthy, fun and festive christmas period!