How To Stay On Track And Motivated When Life Gets In The Way

With our November Challenge just around the corner, we are gearing up for 30 days of health, wellness and kicking BODi goals. Whether you are taking part in our challenge or not, it can often be difficult to stick to your ideal diet and exercise plans when life gets in the way. It's important to find a balance between enjoying life and reaching your health and weight loss goals, so here are our top tips for staying on track so you can reach your BODi goals.






1. Don't get defeated after one "cheat meal"



It's all too easy to fall into the all-or-nothing mentality, where one "cheat" meal can make you give up on your healthy eating for the rest of the day! If you find yourself indulging in fish and chips with the family or a piece of cake for a friends birthday, don't beat yourself up about it! Instead, try resetting your mind frame for the rest of the day. One bad meal won't ruin your hard work, so don't let this be an excuse to give up completely! Instead, appreciate the delicious food you've just been able to eat and go back to your healthy meals and snacks for the rest of the day.






2. Remember why you started



Whether your goals are to lose weight, tone up or simply be healthier in everyday life, keep in mind what you're working towards every day to push you through when you feel like giving up! While it can be tempting to skip that gym session or opt for takeaway instead of cooking a healthy meal, remind yourself that a little extra effort now will be so worth it in the future!






3. Surround yourself with supportive people



Staying motivated and achieving your goals starts with you, however surrounding yourself with people that have likeminded goals will help to push you through when you feel like giving up. Try to find someone supportive that is also working towards becoming a healthier version of themselves, and team up to motivate each other!






4. Get into healthy habits



Making small changes to your daily routine can be the easiest way to start seeing results. Check out our previous blog post about small changes you can make to your diet to help you stay on track to achieving your health and weight loss goals!






5. Don't restrict or overwork yourself, find a happy medium



Pushing yourself too hard in the gym, or restricting yourself from your favourite food and drinks is the easiest way to burn out, and ultimately fall off track in the long run. The great thing about BODi meal replacements is it only requires you to stick to a "diet" for a few days per week, allowing you to enjoy your favourite food on other days! Having a balance of healthy eating and exercise as well as enjoying your life is the most important element to achieving and maintaining sustainable weight loss and health goals!