Guilt-Free Festive Recipes

Christmas is a time to celebrate with friends and family, and treat yourself to delicious food. In between the trifle, crackling and gingerbread, it can be good to balance out your christmas diet throughout the festive season with healthier recipes. Here are our favourite festive recipes that are a lighter, healthier take on the original recipes so you can enjoy all your christmas favourites without giving up all of your hard work on your health and fitness goals!


Greek Yoghurt Pavlova 

Replace the heavy whipped cream for a light and tangy lemon greek yoghurt topping with fresh berries for a healthy take on the traditional Aussie pav!

Get the recipe.


Cauliflower Bake

This delicious, low-carb cauliflower bake recipe is the perfect healthy substitute for potato bakes on christmas day, and the cheesy topping will be sure to please the whole family!

See the recipe here.


Sugar-free "Ferrero Rocher" Balls

This indulgent take on Ferrero Rocher balls is a delicious, sugar-free version of the original, and is a perfect plate to take to parties or simply enjoy with the family throughout the festive season!

Find the recipe here.


Low-Carb Stuffing

This hearty, low-carb stuffing recipe has all the flavours of a traditional stuffing without the added carbs of bread or grains!

Checkout the recipe here


Christmas Cocktail

This light, sweet champagne cranberry cocktail is the perfect, festive drink for celebrating on Christmas day or for all the holiday parties in the lead up to Christmas!

Here's the recipe.


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