Hidden Calories in Your Daily Food and Drinks

When trying to reach your weight loss goals, one of the hardest factors to overcome is breaking the every day habits that contribute to weight gain without you even realising! Here are a few everyday food and drinks that you may be consuming that can really add up in caloric value throughout the day, as well as a few simple ways to swap them out to help keep you on track!



A standard full cream flat white contains around 150 calories which can really add up if you're a coffee addict like us! Try switching out at least one full cream coffee per day for unsweetened almond milk, bringing your calorie intake down to around 60 calories a pop.



It can be tempting to cover a healthy meal in sauce to amp up the flavour, whether it be mayo, spicy Sriracha or barbecue sauce. While these may seem innocent, they are actually quite high in sugar and calories. Just one tablespoon of full fat mayonnaise can add up to 100 calories. Instead, try opting for a homemade tahini sauce or tabasco instead of Sriracha in future.



It may seem like the healthy option to order a salad when you go out to eat, however some dressings can actually be higher in calories than some other unhealthier options! Creamy dressings such as Caesar and Ranch can have around 150 to 200 calories while also being high in sugar and fat. Instead, try opting for a simple olive oil or balsamic dressing to keep the calories down while still offering a delicious flavour to your favourite salads.


Cooking oils

When you're cooking up a storm, it can be easy to accidentally go overboard with the cooking oils! Even if you're using healthier alternatives such as olive or coconut oil, these can quickly add up the calorie content to your meal. Just two tablespoons of these oils are around 250 calories each so it's a good idea to use a measuring spoon next time to ensure you aren't adding too much to your meal!


Juices & smoothies

Even juices with no added sugar can really add up in calories from the natural sugar from the fruit, with a glass of orange juice containing around 150 calories. In saying that, having one glass is a great way to get in your serve of fruit and vitamins in for the day, so all in moderation!


Cereal & granola

We all know that cereal tends to be very high in sugar, but so can even the healthiest looking granola and muesli! Additions such as dried fruit and clusters can add up in sugar and calories, not to mention being high in carbs. A better option is to opt for oats and add in your own honey or fresh fruit for extra sweetness!


Salted nuts

Nuts are a great way to get in healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, however can quickly add up in calories if salted or combined with dried fruits. Instead, try opting instead for unsalted nuts and pour out your serving into a bowl, don't snack straight from the bag as this is a surefire way to end up eating the whole bag if you're anything like us!