10 Minute Phone-Free Self-Care Ideas

Focusing on your mindset is just as important on focusing on your physical health, and one of the things that can contribute to added stress during the day is spending too much time on your phone! Check out our top tips for setting aside 10 minutes during the day to focus on yourself and your mindset, while taking a much needed break from your phone!


1. Stretch for 10 minutes - try using our easy 10 Minute Yoga Flow Guide

2. Read for 10 minutes before bed

3. Treat yourself to a hair or face mask

4. Have a relaxing cup of tea

5. Write or think out at least 10 things you're grateful for

6. Start your morning off by setting your intention for the day, be it in writing or just thinking it out

7. Put your phone away at least one hour before bed at the end of the day


8. Go for a 10 minute walk around the block without your phone or music

9. Spend at least 10 minutes playing with your pets

10. Avoid your phone or TV while eating dinner