Why It's So Important To Get Your 8 Hours of Beauty Sleep

While we all know that getting around eight hours of sleep per night is the ideal amount, it can be difficult to actually achieve this with all of life's distractions such as busy work days, balancing family and friends, and of course social media! But did you know that there are actually so many more benefits to the recommended amount of sleep than you may think, which is why it is as important to prioritise getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night as eating a health diet and doing physical exercise. Some of the top benefits include:


1. Enhancing weight loss and digestion by mediating hormones linked to weight gain and motivation to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle


2. Improving brain function by strengthening communicating nerves in the brain, allowing for enhanced concentration, memory and focus


3. Promoting white blood cell production in order to improve the immune system, reducing the risk of catching common cold and flus as well as more serious medical conditions


4. Benefiting your mood and mental health by reducing the risk of developing anxiety and depression


5. Increasing collagen production to promote healthy hair, skin and nails by releasing a growth hormone in your body and raising cortisol levels


Image Via Goop