I’m Tara and I currently work in real estate at a boutique agency in Subiaco, WA. The work is fast paced and I’m on the road a lot, meeting new people almost every day which is what I love about it. I’m 22 and other than being a work junkie I love to spend my days sharing a beer by the beach with friends or stretching and breathing my stresses away with yoga.

I found out about BODi through a friend. One day I mentioned that I was struggling with my eating and rapid weight gain while I was on anti-anxiety medication, so when I went off it she suggested I try BODi to get me back on track... and it certainly worked!

I’ve tried other weight loss products before, and in all honesty they never lasted because I’m so fussy with taste, but with BODi I don’t feel like I’m on a ‘shake diet’ as I still get to eat throughout the day while getting leaner and minimising bloating. When I started out, I used the BODi breakfast shake every day and did my full BODi days 3 times a week, mostly on weekends as I found it easier. Now I just have the breakfast shakes and might do a BODi week when I have an event coming up or fall out of my regular eating habits.

In terms of results, I started at 60kg when I went off my medication and quickly got down to 53kg. I didn’t have a particular goal weight to get to, I just wanted to feel good again! I now feel so much more energetic, and it helped me get back on track with the healthy snacks suggestions provided when you receive your order. BODi has really inspired my healthy lifestyle as it makes me feel better from the inside out.  I’ve always had a very sensitive stomach so food effects me massively - my mood, my skin, my sleep etc. My approach to health and wellness has also changed since using BODi, as I have started helping other people along the way which also then helps me to learn more and do better

I’m able to find a balance between healthy eating and enjoying life by not cutting foods out or limiting myself. If I feel like having that beer, I’ll have it, if I feel like eating that pasta for dinner and lunch the next day, I’ll do it. And with that attitude I find I actually eat and drink less bad foods because we all want what we can’t have right ? Take that away and you don’t feel the need, urge or want for it. In saying that… my go-to cheat meal has to be CREAMY PASTA with a damn good glass of red 🍷.

To anyone thinking about trying BODi, i’d say just give it a try and you 100% won’t regret it, take it from someone who used to have massive stomach problems and regular doctor appointments as a kid. Plus, I’ve had the privilege of meeting the Founder & CEO of BODi, LJ and got to speak to her in depth about the business and product. Not only is this not some cheap unhealthy scam product you find so often on the internet, but the people involved are just amazing.

To me, BODi in three words is delicious, nutritious & just too damn good to be true.... OK that wasn’t 3 words.