Tell us about yourself?

I’m Sarah – I turned 30 in January this year. I’ve been married to my husband, Stuart, for almost 6 years and we have a 2 year old daughter, Amelia. Amelia takes up most of my time now but I do work part time in my career job with the state government which was my full time job prior to being a mum. I am a singer and am heavily involved in our church community. I love my annual beach holiday with my husband and family. I love coffee catch ups with friends, Netflix and chills after Amelia goes to bed and ice cream! These days since losing weight, I find keeping active and exercising something I enjoy. Oh and my favourite meal to eat out is breakfast! Breakfast dates are the best.


How did you find out about BODi?

I found out about BODi back in 2016 just by chance when googling weight loss plans/ideas.


What made you try BODi the first time?

We were actively trying to have a baby and really struggling. We were halfway through the first stages of fertility treatments and my OBGYN suggested that I take some time to focus on me and my health/weight as I wasn’t at a heathy weight. I decided that I didn’t have anything to lose and I gave it a shot. I also really liked that it was a local Victorian brand and I enjoy supporting local brands.

I then started using it again after I had ceased breastfeeding and am still loving this brand and product!


Have you tried other weight loss products or programs?

I have tried pretty much everything in the weight loss world from diet plans like Cohen’s and Weight Watchers through to meal replacements like Optifast and ones you buy from the supermarket. None of them were sustainable or offered results like BODi.


What makes BODi different for you?

I find it really flexible and non-restrictive. It tastes better than any other product I’ve tried and has a better nutritional content than other products. I still feel like I have freedom to eat what I want on other days and not feel guilty but because I’m living a healthier lifestyle, I gravitate towards good nourishing food. I love that I don’t have to do it every day for the same meal and lose out on being able to enjoy certain meals. i.e. every breakfast doesn’t have to be BODi which allows me to have sneaky pancakes every now and then.

How do you use BODi? 

Both times I’ve started BODi, I’ve started with 3 days in a row which, for me, took away my endless sugar cravings instantly. It tested my resolve and discipline but the product itself made it 10 times easier to get through it because I felt full. After the initial 3 days, I’ve maintained 2 days a week which I use around my weekly plans. My husband is a shift worker, so to be able to be flexible means we make sure we still get to eat meals together which is important to us.

Currently, I am now maintaining my weight loss by using BODi one day a week but I have also started using BODi Breakfast during the week, especially when I’m pressed for time on the days I have to get to work and do the daycare drop off.  


What results have you seen with BODi?

In 2016 when I started, I lost 12kg before successfully falling pregnant. I was 80kg which was my goal weight at the time on the day I found out we were expecting our precious baby girl.

Post pregnancy and breastfeeding, my weight had spiralled out of control, I had put more weight on and was closing in on 100kg. I started BODi again in September 2018 and since then have lost 35kg. I was a size 16-18 depending on the clothing brand and now a size 8-10.


How do you feel now compared to before you started your BODi journey?

This recent journey has been a massive confidence booster for me. I started not wanting to be in photos with my family, I started wearing really oversized clothes to hide everything. I wasn’t happy and I was struggling to keep up with our daughter who was starting to learn how to walk.

I feel like I have more energy, I sleep better (when I’m not settling Amelia) and I have more confidence when I walk into my wardrobe every day. I feel clearer and now am not afraid to be in photos with my family.


What inspires your healthy lifestyle?

I try and fuel my own inspiration but do scroll through social media to find healthy recipes because I’m a hopeless cook! Learning and knowledge has been incredibly inspiring for me – learning more about me and my body and what the best way to fuel it is. Also knowing I am worthy no matter what I look like or weigh has been a big inward inspiration for me. Coming to the realisation that I am good enough and worth every minute I spend improving myself. This way, not only am I better for me but I am a better wife and a better mum.


How has your approach to health and wellness changed since using BODi?

I am more appreciative of my health now. And being honest, being on a reduced household wage after giving birth, we are more conscious of how we spend money. I think this has changed how I approach my health and fitness because I won’t throw away money on stuff and gimmicks that don’t work or the next “big thing” in the fitness and health industry. I will thoroughly research something before making a decision and this product ticks every box whilst delivering on what it promises if used as per their extremely helpful tips and directions.


How do you find a balance between healthy eating and enjoying life?

I started slow, not placing too much pressure on myself to achieve the balance that works for me and my family straight away. This is something that nearly 8 months later, we are still tweaking. As the weight fell off, I introduced an exercise regime that worked for me. I now exercise 3 times a week at home and walk most days where I can. Its taken time, but finding that balance is worth it. Birthdays, date nights, family dinners and special events are examples of times I don’t put restrictions on myself. I eat what I want and love every bite. I don’t beat myself up and I wake up the next day and slip back into my routine. I think a lot to do with a balanced lifestyle comes down to whats important to you and building a routine that works. I have never given up my daily mocha – that’s my little daily getaway!


What is your go-to cheat meal?

I would love to say nuggets or a cheeseburger but really I don’t have a cheat meal anymore. I eat most things in moderation but if I had to pick one, I would have to say a good wood fire pizza with extra cheese!


What would you like other people to know about BODi?

This is a fantastic product that delivers on multiple levels. With anything, the level of work you put in will dictate your results but even with minimal effort, you will still lose weight. The product itself is not where it stops though – the support you get from customer service if you have questions is amazing.


Describe BODi in 3 words

Tasty, Healthy, Flexible.


Any feedback or constructive criticism? 

Keep being an awesome company. You have an amazing product which round 1, helped in our journey to be parents and round 2 has given me the confidence and energy to be an active, healthy parent who hopefully can model a healthy and balanced lifestyle to my daughter and any future children.

Your customer service team is amazing and quick with their responses and solutions when issues have arisen. I’m thrilled I get to support a local brand.