BODi Meal Planner

A couple of weeks ago one of my dear friends was complaining about how she felt sluggish and unmotivated after realising she had put on quite a few extra kilos over the winter months due to stress and a little too much overindulging - we've all been there! She asked me how I could help her kick-start her weight loss and improve her motivation and confidence as the warmer months approached and big coats are traded for shorts and bikinis!

The above meal plan shows what she is now doing after my suggestions (albeit with a few slip-ups along the way! We're all human!). She is now doing 3 BODi Days per week and using BODi Breakfast on all other days, as well as having cheat meals on 
Saturday nights 😋 She has lost a lot of weight, has more energy, is making better food choices and now doesn't skip her 30 minute walk after work every day!

Once she reaches her goal weight she will continue to do one BODi day per week, and says she would love to keep using BODi Breakfast on all other days because it's so easy and gives her lots of energy!