BODi In the Fast Lane With Nick Percat

We all know that BODi Pre & Post Workout is the perfect gym partner, but how does it stack up in a high pressure, fast paced environment like the Australian Grand Prix? We got the chance to sit down with V8 Supercars Champion Nick Percat to tell us why he chooses BODi on race day and how he physically and mentally prepares for the track!


I'm sure you have a strict eating regime, what does your day on a plate look like?

My eating varies depending on travel, training and race weekends, however an average day looks like…

Breakfast: Avocado on toast & a latte (I recently got my own professional coffee machine so this will be the first of many coffees for the day!)

Lunch: Moroccan chicken salad with quinoa & a mango smoothie.

Dinner: Salmon with sweet potato and greens

After dinner: a few pieces of chocolate!


What does a normal day look like for you…

My days vary a lot due to the amount of travel we do in Supercars. When I am home, I start each day with my cardio element of training. That means you’ll find me on my bike, running or in the pool. 

The rest of the day car be simulator work, track and personal performance reviews and the best part hanging out with my 2 chocolate Labradors

Depending where the season is at I’ll then be in my gym at home in the afternoon. 


Tell us about you training schedule...

I have been fortunate enough to work with 2 very good trainers. Anthony, a world class athlete trainer and phycologist and Heath, a fitness trainer who is also a stand-up paddle board world champion. This keeps my training very interesting and hasn’t allowed me to get bored over the past 10 years. 

The training required as a racing car driver is heavily cardio based. We need good endurance fitness and strength. To drive the car is extremely physical. Each push of the brake pedal is 125KG of leg effort, we have minimal power steering, to change gears we need to apply 25KG of load to the gear stick. Then throw in the heat, the cars reach 65 degrees during each 2 hour race. 

My cardio program is 200-350km per week on the bike, 10-25km running and 5km in the pool.

In the gym, I have a program that I have worked very hard to tailor to suit the needs of a Supercar driver. It’s strength based, especially around the lower back, core and neck. 


How does your race weekend schedule differ...

The race day is a very long day. We are at the race track from Thursday for media commitments. Once the racing starts on Friday we get 2, one hour practice sessions, 2 Qualifying sessions and 2, 250km races across Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each day we arrive at the track for team meetings at 7:30am and leave after the final team de brief at 8:30pm each day. There is a lot more to racing cars than just the driving element. 


Tell us why you chose BODi Pre & Post Workout for your training and race days...

I use BODi Pre and Post Workout. I use the Pre Workout to get me through both long and short sessions. It’s the only one I have found that will get me through a 6 hour bike ride or a 45 minute express gym session. I am very particular when it comes to Pre Workout as I don’t like it when I feel edgy or jittery. BODi does not give any negative feelings, only a positive and energised workout. 

The BODi Post Workout has been a real game changer for me and something I have kept secret from my competitors until now ... when you are burning the thousands of calories per race and need to back it up the next 2 days I make sure I use only the best proteins and vitamins. BODi covers everything I need in and out of the car.


How do you relax and unwind between races...

To relax and unwind I liked to get away and explore what Victoria has to offer along the coast. I enjoy weekend getaways where you can switch off and recharge. I find this gives me time to reflect on where my season is at and heading. 


We all have one... Tell us your eating vice...



Finally, what are your goals for 2018...

On track I am looking to cement myself as a top driver in Supercars and look to broaden my racing schedule to a few races in Europe or America. 

Off track I want to continue to improve my fitness with the use of BODi. Also I want to keep building on what works for me inside and outside of the car and make sure my communication skills are being improved to get the best out of my team around me. 


Nick Percat Instagram @nickpercat