BODi Edit | Our Top 8 Podcasts

Here in the BODi office, we’ve found ourselves becoming a bit obsessed with listening to podcasts while we work. It is surprisingly therapeutic! Because of this, we thought we’d share some of the gems we’ve been listening to from current affairs, health and fitness inspiration, to our favourite, true crime.

  • Shameless Podcast
  • The hosts of the Shameless Podcast refer to themselves as smart women who love dumb stuff, and I think this is true for the majority of us! They cover current events in the news and in reality TV, giving an overview of everything you need to know in pop culture for the week.

  • Seize the Yay
  • Sarah Holloway of Seize the Yay is an entrepreneur who interviews other inspiring business people, so this podcast is a great hit of inspiration each week.

  • Casefiles
  • A personal favourite of ours here in the BODi office, Casefiles covers high profile murder cases from all over the world in detail, most of which are so unbelievable they could be straight out of a horror film!

  • The High Low
  • The High Low is not dissimilar to the Shameless Podcast, just the British version! They again cover current events in pop culture, as well as in the literary world giving us inspiration for the next book to try out.

  • The Squiz
  • The Squiz is a great little snippet of news from the week that only takes a few minutes to listen to, ensuring you get all your news in one quick hit.

  • FoundMyFitness
  • Dr Rhonda Patrick of FoundMyFitness (both in Podcast and Youtube Versions) interviews fellow healthcare professionals in order to promote strategies to increase healthspan, well-being, and cognitive and physical performance. This is a great one to check out for doctor-recommended health tips.

  • On the Line with Estee LaLonde
  • London-based Canadian Estee Lalonde covers everything from reiki healing to style tips to body positivity, ensuring that you’ll feel a bit more uplifted and positive after each episode.

  • The Cut
  • The Cut is New York Magazines take on style, culture, health and wellness and politics. This one is another great allrounder that covers practically every topic relevant to smart young women like us!