Beat Flu Season By Boosting Your Immune System

Winter is officially in full swing, which is great for cosy days with a cup of tea and a good movie, but not so great for avoiding the sniffles. With winter here, cold and flu season is also upon us, so here are four useful (and doable) tips to beating flu season and avoid being bed ridden for weeks, that won't have you hiding away until spring comes around!

Firstly, make sure you are eating (or drinking!) your vitamins! Keeping your immune system at its peak starts with having a vitamin and nutrient-dense diet. You can do this by adding more veggies to your dinners, making a fruit smoothie for breakky, or adding one of our BODi Wellness Vitamin supplements to your daily routine. All our wellness products are absolutely packed with amazing vitamins and minerals, while also boosting cognitive function, fat burning and all round optimal health. We’d recommend adding a scoop of NOURISH: Organic Revitalising Greens to your favourite juice or smoothie for extra immune-boosting benefits. 

Our second tip is more of an obvious one and that is to make sure that you are up to date with your flu shots! Not only is this the most effective way to avoid the flu, you’re also helping to boost herd immunity for those who are not able to get vaccinated, so do your community a solid and pop into your GP to see if you need a top up.

Next, we’d recommend to get outside and do some exercise whenever you can, even if it means having to throw on an extra jumper! Getting out into the fresh air during the day will help you avoid the germs that circulate through air conditioning in your office, and by getting your blood pumping you are helping to circulate white blood cells which help to fight off any unwanted germs that could cause you to catch the cold or flu. 

Last but not least, invest in a mini hand sanitiser to carry round in your bag. This one is especially important if you catch public transport, we don’t even want to go into how many germs could be lingering on that handrail!