Many of us see exercise as a way to lose weight, but there are so many other health benefits! And the best part is you don’t need to work out for hours every day to feel them!


Get a better night’s sleep

People who exercise regularly are much better sleepers! Doing some form of physical exertion during the day helps regulate your circadian rhythm (body clock) which will help you sleep better at night! However, watch out for pre-sleep exercise. Exercising just before bed time will increase your mental alertness, which can make it harder to sleep.


Improved mood

Eating well, meditation and exercise are rarely considered but are potentially highly effective treatments for anxiety and depression. Exercise improves your mood by causing an increase in endorphins (those ‘feel-good’ hormones). These regular exercise-related boosts give you a buzz in the short-term and can help improve your mental health in the long term.


Boosts memory and brain function

The increased blood flow around your body (including your brain) during exercise can help boost memory, build intelligence and lower the risk of dementia. You don’t even have to do a lot of exercise to achieve this. Even moderate walking achieves these results!


Stronger bones

As we age our bone strength declines, particularly in women. Exercise is key to maintaining strong bones! When we lift heavy objects our muscles pull on our bones. This prompts our body to try and make our bones stronger, initiating a bone strengthening response. Studies have shown that light weight training in women is associated with a slowing in the decline of bone strength.


Improved metabolic health

Blood pressure, cholesterol levels and diabetes risk are all reduced when you exercise often. Regular exercise also helps your body process sugar and fat better.


Physical activity is great way to feel better and stay healthy, and a great excuse to buy new workout gear! Remember that you don’t need to overdo it; you just need to try and ‘move’ your body regularly! Find something that you enjoy and it won’t feel like a chore! For a quick workout routine that can be done in 10 mins join us to receive your FREE Workout Guide!