"I designed BODi to promote rapid weight loss and leave you feeling amazing!"

- LJ, BODi Founder

The BODi Story


What Is BODi?


How To Use BODi Meal Replacements

BODi Days

Use BODi Meal Replacements 2 days per week to replace your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snack from our ‘Suggested Foods’ list on your BODi Days.

Rest Of Your Week

Continue with your normal eating days for the rest of the week & enjoy the fat burning effects of BODi!

How To Use BODi Breakfast

BODi Breakfast

Use BODi Breakfast every day to replace your breakfast & snack from our 'Suggested Foods' list until 12pm.

Rest Of Your Day

Continue with your normal eating for the rest of the day & enjoy the fat burning effects of BODi!

"I’ve been using BODi for 4 months (twice a week) and could not be any happier with it. To date I’ve lost 31kg and going strong. I live a hectic lifestyle and it’s so easy on days where I’m travelling non stop. I love BODi and am going to keep on using it!"

Emma F.

"I have never been overweight or unhealthy, but I have always had about 3kg I have wanted to lose, and could never make it budge no matter what I did. A friend recommended BODi and in the first week, that 3kg was gone. I now swear by BODi, not only because it’s an awesome way to lose or maintain weight, but because it makes me feel amazing!"


"I’ve tried for years to find a meal replacement but none have worked or tasted great until now! BODi is amazing and I am feeling so amazing within myself already. Confidence has lifted and I’ve started the new year off by losing 6.5kg! Couldn’t be happier. Thank you BODi!"

Mykenzie G

How To Make A BODi Shake

Ask Me Anything!

The BODi Team and I are always on hand to answer your health questions as well as offer around the clock support and pep talks to keep you on track!

You can also read our responses to Commonly Asked Questions for more info.



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