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I've lost 15kg in 2 months

"Honestly the best product I have come across. Healthy, filling and definitely aids weight loss. I've lost 15kg in 2 months just by following the BODi Days twice a week. So good!!"

- Sarah T


BODi Meal Replacements

Rapid Weight Loss


BODi is the first meal replacement shake in Australia that rapidly burns fat and reduces bloating by using an exclusive sugar and carb-free formula.


BODi is so easy to use! Simply replace your breakfast, lunch and dinner with our delicious chocolate-nut shakes.


Use BODi the day before an event to reduce bloating or 1-3 days per week to lose body fat as quickly as possible.

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BODi 6 Pack
BODi 6 Pack
  • $119.00


  • $39.00
  • $29.00
BODi Breakfast
BODi Breakfast
  • $89.00
BODi Workout Bundle
BODi Workout Bundle
  • $99.00

The BODi Effect

Don't just take our word for it! Here's what you're saying about BODi.

I've tried for years to find a meal replacement but none have worked or tasted great until now! BODi is amazing and I am feeling so amazing within myself already. Confidence has lifted and I've started the new year off by losing 6.5kgs! Couldn't be happier. Thank you BODi

Mykenzie G

I've been using BODi 4-6 months now. Having BODi and regularly going to the Gym has helped me to lose 27kgs!!! I am the lightest I've been in over 10 years. It's given me my confidence back and helped me feel good about myself again. Thank you BODi!!

Emma F

I was quite cynical about the promises made for BODi but I am in my second week now and have lost 3 kgs. It is not unpleasant to drink and the snack allowance, which I use, is quite generous. 

Carmel B

I trialed the 3 day pack and was so happy with my results. I did 2 days consecutively and dropped 2.5 kg and then used the 3rd as a detox day after a big celebration night out!!! Feeling amazing! Tastes great and very easy to fit into my regular routine.

Christie G

I've struggled with my weight and tried numerous diets but have failed to stick to them. BODi is easy to use and easy to stick too. In my first two days I lost a total of 2.8kg. Tastes like a chocolate up&go... and leaves me feeling light and have also noticed that i am feeling less bloated.

Shannon B

So far I have lost 13 kilos through a combination of BODi shakes  and healthy eating on my non-BODi days. The taste is pretty nice, and the shakes keep you pretty full.

Rowane N

I've had trouble losing weight. BODi is easy to grab it also keeps me accountable for my breakfast, lunch and dinner. Service and delivery wait times are also great. I'm getting married this weekend and BODi has made me get to the idea weight that I wanted to be at. I've lost about 4-5 kgs. Thank you.

Kye E

BODi was amazing I used it for 3 days before I had a night out and lost 3.5kg which made me feel amazing and helped me look fabulous in my dress.

Donna R

I have been using BODi for 2 months now and battled to lose weight before I have lost 9kgs and feel great still going strong!! I want to carry on with my journey to being healthy and happy! Honestly it is quick and easy I don't eat on my BODi days only the shake and it's a no brainer. Best product I've tried so far! Love it!!

Dominique M

I bought a 6 pack and have done 2 weeks of drinking the shakes only for 2 days cleanse. Not only are they really yummy but I had really good results of weight loss one week lost 1.8 kilos and 1.2 the other week and my sleep was so much better. LOVE the product and will be purchasing more as this is my ongoing lifestyle!

Laura-Anne C

The BODi Story

Throughout her life, LJ, like many women has experimented with countless diets and workout plans to achieve and maintain her figure. She wanted lasting success while still being able to live her life and none of the diets or workout plans she tried could give her this. So she decided to create her own!

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